Public Records

Confidential Information

Examination or release of confidential information is strictly prohibited. Specific information that may not be released includes but is not limited to:

  • Peace Officer’s investigative reports (also known as narratives or supplemental reports) except for the date, time, specific location, and immediate facts and circumstances surrounding a crime or incident.
  • A person’s social security number, date of birth, and driver’s license information
  • Intelligence data per Chapter 692 of the Iowa Code
  • Registered victim information per Chapter 915 of the Iowa Code
  • Identity of child victims per Chapter 915 of the Iowa Code
  • Witness information, including reporting caller, per Chapter 22 of the Iowa Code
  • Results of psychological examinations
  • Confidential informant communications
  • Mental and Health information

Note: Records will not be available if they are subject to an active investigation

Allowable Release

  • Accident Reports
    • Available to the designated insurance agent or legal representative of the parties involved
    • Redacted public reports are also available for purchase
      • Each kind is $10.00 – cash or checks only
  • Incident Reports (also known as Police Reports)
    • Will include the date, time, location, and immediate facts and circumstances regarding the incident except in those unusual circumstances where disclosure would plainly and seriously jeopardize an investigation or pose a clear and present danger to the safety of an individual.
    • Available to anyone; however, confidential information will be redacted if requested by the public
      See the Fee Schedule below for the cost
  • Dispatch Log Reports (also known as Call for Service Reports)
        • Will have limited information regarding the incident
        • Available to anyone; however, confidential information will be redacted if requested by the public
          • See the Fee Schedule below for the cost
  • Criminal Background/Record Checks
    • The Sioux County Sheriff’s Office will check the Sioux County Jail’s public information records upon written request by the public or in person. This does not include juvenile records, traffic records, or any other agency. We suggest you check with other agencies in the area for possible additional information. Records are only provided to the individual requesting the background check unless you are with law enforcement, a probation officer, or the military. A valid, government-issued photo ID is required. Information provided to the requester includes the date of arrest, arresting agency, and charges ONLY. No charge disposition will be provided. This only covers if the person was brought to the Sioux County Jail.
      • Should you require a records check with a disposition or one that covers the entire State of Iowa, you will need to contact the DCI in Des Moines at this website.
      • Records checks require the full name and the date of birth of the person for which the search is being requested
      • No phone requests will be accepted
      • Mailed requests require a self-addressed stamped envelope for return
      • Fee per request being searched is $10.00 – cash or checks only
      • Requests made by law enforcement agencies or the armed forces will be at no cost

Fee Schedule

If you would like a copy of a report (other than an accident report or a motor vehicle record), the fee is calculated as follows:

    • $25 per hour spent producing the requested documents, with the first 30 minutes free of charge.
    •  If paper copies are requested, the request will incur an additional charge of 1 cent per page.
    •  Investigative photos = $1.00 per photo up to 10 photos, more than 10 photos will be $10.00 per album
    •  Investigative videos (body-worn camera, vehicle camera) = $25.00 per hour for retrieval + $60 per hour if redaction is needed in the                 preparation stage
    •  Media (CD, DVD, Tape, Film, etc.) = Actual cost of the media item


The request can be made in person, mailed with payment, over the phone at 712-737-2280 with the payment mailed in separately, or emailed to [email protected] with the payment mailed in separately. A self-addressed stamped envelope must also be included if you wish to have a physical copy of a record. If it takes more than 30 minutes to compile and prepare information for your request, we may bill you $25/hour for the time it will take.