Jail Information

JAIL DIRECT PHONE: (712) 737-3131

The mission statement of the Sioux County Sheriff's Office states: "The Sioux County Sheriff's Office is committed to maintaining the public's trust, providing protection, and professional leadership, by utilizing our skills and resources with integrity."

Adult Corrections is a large part of the Sioux County Sheriff's Office. It's an operation which runs 24/7 every day. In keeping with our mission statement, it's important for the public to have trust that we will protect them from those who are incarcerated in the Sioux County Jail. It's also important to protect those inside our facility who have been incarcerated. We also strive to provide programs for the inmates which will benefit them once they are released from our facility.

The jail is a 67 bed facility, containing six pods. A pod is a separate holding area containing cells, restroom facilities, showers and a day room where the inmates eat and spend a majority of their time. The pods vary in cell numbers allowing the corrections officers to categorize the inmates. The inmates are categorized as male, female, work release, pre-sentenced, sentenced, misdemeanors, felons, and federal holds.

The jail also contains a large indoor recreation area, booking/ processing room, medical room and control. The officer in the control room monitors the entire jail.


  • No one under the age of 18 is allowed to visit an inmate.
  • All persons entering the Sioux County Jail for purpose of visitation may be searched for contraband.
  • Visitation phones are monitored.
  • Inmates will be required to fill out a visitation sheet listing four [4] people to visit them. On the first day of every month the inmate is allowed to change their visitation sheet.
  • Family and friends are allowed to visit per a visitation schedule; contact the jail for more information (712) 737‐3131.
  • Visits will not exceed 20 minutes.
  • Pastoral visits, by ordained pastors only, may visit in a private visitation room. Pastors should call the jail ahead of time to schedule a visit.
  • Attorneys may visit an inmate during business hours and by appointment after hours.
  • Upon written request, an inmate who has been sentenced to prison may have one family visit.
  • Inmate mail will only be accepted through regular postal service; it will not be accepted if brought directly to the jail by family, friends, etc.
  • All incoming mail is inspected for contraband.
  • Photos are accepted by regular postal mail; no Polaroid or sexually explicit photos allowed.
  • Money is only accepted through regular postal mail. It should be sent as a money order, personal checks are not accepted.
  • The address for inmate mail is: [Inmate’s full name] % Sioux County Jail 4363 Ironwood Ave., Suite 2 Orange City, IA. 51041
  • Jail Room and Board fee is $45.00/day. The inmate is responsible for paying this.
  • Work Release fee is $45.00/day plus $11.00/day GPS fee and must be paid in advance. The inmate must complete a work release agreement at the time of booking including the employer’s name, work hours and phone numbers. Inmate’s are allowed nine [9] hours of work per day, Monday – Friday, no holidays or weekends.
  • Inmates who use prescribed medication must take along their prescription bottles from the pharmacy when booked into jail.
  • Inmates are not allowed to take anything with them to jail other than money. The Sioux County Jail cannot accept anything from family, friends, etc. for the inmate other than money [which must be sent to the jail as earlier stated].
  • Sioux County Jail direct number: (712) 737‐3131.