Values, Vision and Mission


*Faith, Family, Freedom.*

Protect Life and Property: We will provide services that contribute to the preservation and quality of life, the protection of property, and the safety of the people we serve.

Maintain Public Order: We will strive to maintain peace and public order.

Prevent, Detect and Investigate Criminal Activity: We will work to prevent crime through active patrols that limit the opportunity for a crime to occur, and through education of citizens that reduces the likelihood of them becoming victims of crime. We will provide a thorough, appropriate, and efficient investigation of criminal activity.

Community Service: As public servants it’s important that we provide the resources available for assisting members of the community with non-criminal circumstances. We will work in cooperation with our community to proactively identify and address areas of needed improvement.

Ethical Standards and Professionalism: Our goal is to be an organization in which each employee embraces integrity as the cornerstone upon which the public’s trust is built. We will strive to serve with professionalism, diligence, respect and concern for all people.


The Sioux County Sheriff’s Office will be dedicated to preserving a high quality of life and the enhancement of public safety.

We will be committed to serve with professionalism, diligence, respect, integrity and concern for all people.

We will foster an environment in which the sheriff’s office and the community work together as catalysts for positive community development.


The Sioux County Sheriff’s Office is committed to maintaining the public’s trust, providing protection, and professional leadership, by utilizing our skills and resources with integrity.

We embody the values of our office and reflect these values in the performance of our duties; dedicated to the preservation of the public's safety and well-being.