National Police Week

Today, along with Mother’s Day, begins Police Week 2024.

Police Week is dedicated to the Hero’s who put on a badge and gun everyday and go to work, dedicated to keeping our streets safe so that our communities can enjoy day to day life. Every day, police officers pin on their badge, walk out the door, rushing into harm’s way, to keep the rest of us safe. Being a law enforcement officer is more than what we do — it is who we are. Being a law enforcement officer is a calling few undertake and even fewer understand.

While some don’t appreciate law enforcement, the old saying goes, “you dislike them until you need them.” Being a law enforcement officer is harder than ever. We are expected to be everything to everyone — counselors to people experiencing a crisis, a lay-pastor, social workers to kids who have been abandoned, drug experts, know every law by heart, be a diplomat, need to be able to make life-changing decisions in an instant; be a sharp shooter, a first responder and guardians to our communities. We must see, smell and hear things most people could never imagine, while remaining calm, collected, and sane; then go home and act like we are indestructible.

During Police Week, we recognize the incredible courage of our Nation’s police officers, who run toward the danger others run away from. We are grateful for all of our law enforcement officers; enjoy your week. And if you need us… we will be there.

Pictured top row, L-R: Sheriff Jamie Van Voorst, Chief Deputy N. Huizenga, Lt. J. De Bruin, Sgt. B. DeKam, Sgt. C. Van Ravenswaay.

Second row from top, L-R: Deputy T. Bergsma, Deputy J. Harmelink, Deputy/SRO W. Pollema, Deputy G. Klein, Deputy S. Maitlen.

Third row from top, L-R: Deputy J. Mora, Deputy A. Bakker.

Fourth row from top, L-R: Deputy A. Martinez, drug K-9 Rocky, Deputy Z. McKee, crisis/therapy K-9 McGrath, Deputy/SRO J. Dorhout.

Bottom row, L-R: Part-time deputy T. Reitsma, Reserve Deputy C. De Vries, Reserve Deputy/Sioux Center Police Officer J. Van Veldhuizen, Reserve Deputy/Sioux Center Police Officer S. Van Ginkel, Reserve Deputy/Sioux Center EMS Paramedic T. Foltz, Reserve Deputy/Rock Valley Police Officer J. Kerr