*Scam Alert-Special attention: elderly Sioux County residents*

Because we know that our dear older folks are not on social media as often, and are generally very trusting, we hope that you will read this and talk to your parents to hopefully educate them.

We have had several more Sioux County senior citizens fall victim of “the grandchild scam.” This is the scam where someone calls them on the phone, posing as one of their grandchildren, and states they need immediate help as they are in jail somewhere. Other variations acted as if the grandchild had been involved in a traffic accident and needs their immediate financial help.

PLEASE, talk to them and tell them to hang up and immediately call you to verify any situation. Tell them please do not agree to send any money or agree to give anyone who says they will come to their residence to pick up the money, as has happened in some cases where a courier is utilized by the scammers.

If this saves just one more person from becoming a victim, then it was worth it.