Gridshock Documentary outlining Human Trafficking to be shown at no cost – January 24

The “Gridshock” Documentary will be shown on Wednesday, January 24, 7:00 p.m., at Western Christian High School Event Center. This opportunity is free to the public. Please read, like and share to spread the word.

When the words “human trafficking” are mentioned, most often we think of cartels, big cities and other countries. Not here. Not us. Not Iowa, and especially not small town northwest Iowa. The truth is, human trafficking can be anywhere; sadly, literally right in our back yards. Don’t look for the “grungy guy” in a panel van; look for the professional, the guy wearing a suit, the neighbor, a family member, the youth leader; the person that positions himself to be able to abuse and sell; human trafficking.

You can view the Gridshock documentary trailer here:

As you may already know, I am proactive in keeping the public informed. Our goal is to raise public awareness of this problem on its various levels.

The content is sensitive and descriptive. Because of this, I would ask you to please use parental judgment if you want your child to attend. We strongly suggest your children do not attend alone, but instead accompanied by a parent or guardian and suggest juniors or seniors and older as the appropriate age group.

Advocates from Team Iowa, Whispers of Love, Hope, & Joy, Family Crisis Centers, Sheriff Van Voorst and some deputies with special training in human trafficking will be here and also able to have a discussion and take questions after the viewing; there will also be the opportunity to speak privately to any one on the panel.