Take a moment to read an important message from Deputy Dorhout and K9 McGrath about social media back-to-school posts

As a new school year is here, we thought it was a good time to give a quick reminder to parents who plan to post back-to-school social media pics of their favorite students. This year, Deputy Jessica Dorhout and McGrath put together a helpful photo-reminder to remind everyone to stay safe.

-Remember, a photo of your child on your front step, should NOT show identifiers such as house number, street name, family name, or your child’s school name. There are people with bad intentions out there: predators, identity thieves, etc. Just remember, once posted, any photo can be used in places and for things we could never imagine.

-Another thing to consider to keep your photos out of the possession of scammers and the ill-intentioned is to limit your audience. Adjust your privacy settings to make them more restrictive. Friends only, close friends, family, etc. Don’t tag your kids if they have their own social media. If you do want the picture with the above information for a special memory, then edit or blur any personal information on the pictures you post.

Thanks for reading this “McGrath Minute.” We wanted to get ahead of the new school year with an easy to remember reminder to help you stay safe.