Eye Witness Activity for law class students

Our School Resource Officer, Deputy Waylon Pollema, along with the Unity Christian High School Law Class teacher, Ms. Kris Talsma, led an “Eye Witness” activity with the law classes.

In the activity, an unknown person entered the classroom suspiciously, stole a computer and left some articles of evidence behind. The law students were then asked about their observations of what had just happened; they were asked to describe and document to the best of their knowledge, a full description of the unknown person, what the unknown person did and left as evidence, as well as what his actions were. The idea of the activity was to try and provide the best description of the unknown person, so that it would help to positively identify the suspect and ultimately, solve the crime.

This activity was done just prior to the law classes starting a mock crime scene activity that begins next week.

Special thanks to Orange City Police Officer Jake Harmelink, who assisted in this activity by playing the role of the unknown suspect.