Public Safety Reminder: Move Over for emergency vehicles, safely *VIDEO*

Please take a moment to watch the below video for a good safety reminder to not only move over for emergency vehicles that are stopped with its flashing lights on, but to slow down and please do it safely.
Recently, Sioux County Deputy Sheriff Jessica Dorhout was engaged in a traffic stop when her patrol vehicle dash camera caught a near head-on accident that was caused by a motorist moving into the opposite lane, where it struck another vehicle. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured.

Under a new law in Iowa, all drivers are required to slow down and move around any parked or disabled vehicle with flasing lights. Previous law only included emergency vehicles, and last year, service vehicles such as utility vehicles and garbage trucks.

The Iowa Legislature has now enacted the ‘move over’ law to include all motor vehicles.

Capt. Jamie Van Voorst said, “By following the two simple rules – move over or slow down – Iowa drivers can help save lives, avoid receiving a traffic ticket and prevent the potential loss of their driver’s license.”

Here is the Iowa “Move-Over” Law explained:

1. Change lanes or slow down, absent any other direction from a peace officer, when approaching the following vehicles:

  • A stationary emergency vehicle that has its flashing lights activated.
  • A stationary tow, recovery, maintenance, construction, solid waste or recycling collection vehicle that has its flashing lights activated.
  • Any stationary motor vehicle, including a passenger vehicle, that is continually displaying its emergency signal lamps (i.e., standard hazard lights).

2. Yield the right of way to an emergency vehicle displaying flashing lights or giving an audible signal by moving over to the right, stopping and waiting until the vehicle has passed before proceeding.

A good rule of the road is to change lanes or slow down anytime you are approaching a vehicle that is slow moving, stopped or stranded on the shoulder, if you can safely do so.