Sioux County Sheriff

Public Awareness Advisory – TikTok trend “Devious Licks”

A recent social media challenge and trend has made its way into Sioux County schools and the Sioux County Sheriff’s Office would like to inform the public, parents and schools about it. The nationwide TikTok trend called “Devious Licks,” is aimed at middle school and high school students encouraging them to vandalize and steal items from their school bathrooms.

Our School Resource Officer (SRO), Deputy Waylon Pollema, has been working closely with the schools he regularly visits in not only getting the word out about this trend, but also working with schools who have raised concerns about issues in their buildings.

Pollema encourages parents to talk with their kids about this trend and to make sure they understand that there are consequences for poor decisions.

Pollema said, “Most area schools are taking a hard stand on this; actions like this could be problematic with consequences for students who choose to vandalize and steal school property.”

For more information about this, here is a YouTube link explaining the challenge: TikTok Challenge: “Devious Licks”