Sioux County Sheriff

Students learn about the job duties of a deputy sheriff and see drone demonstration

Recently, Captain Jamie Van Voorst and Chief Deputy Nate Huizinga were invited to speak to the students of Mrs. Chanda Bakker‘s Rock Valley Community School Summer Enrichment Program.

Huizenga and Van Voorst were able spend time with the students explaining the job duties of a deputy sheriff and the tools that they use in various situations at their jobs. They also saw a demonstration about the different handcuffing techniques that officers can use to keep them and the person being arrested as safe as possible.

The students were also given a drone demonstration where they were able to see some of the uses of a drone different public safety settings; this included showing them the different cameras that can be used to find people who may have gotten lost in a corn field or dense wooded areas through the use of heat sensing cameras.

This was a great opportunity and we were glad to be invited to spend time with some great kids who had some really good questions about law enforcement.