Sioux County Sheriff

Package Theft Warning

Last week Cyber Monday kicked off the online shopping season. The Sioux County Sheriff’s Office wants to stress the importance of protecting yourself from a crime epidemic sweeping the nation called “Package Theft” or “Porch Piracy”. CNBC has reported astonishing growth in online retail sales and the rise in package theft that has followed this growth. Last year Americans spent over $600 billion in online purchases, up 15% from the prior year.

  • An estimated 36% of online shoppers in the US have reported a missing or stolen package.
  • Last year packages worth approximately $9 billion were stolen or went missing.

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Here are 7 ways you can protect yourself from package theft:

Click to watch CNBC’s comprehensive report on package theft and the newest ways online consumers are protecting themselves

Get the Tips

  1. Have packages delivered to your workplace or office

If work deliveries are not possible, consider shipping to a neighbor or family member you know will be home to receive the delivery.

  1. Require signature on delivery 

If you’re not home the package will be available for you to pick up at the delivery service’s facility.

  1. Use Amazon or UPS counter pickup 

Amazon has partnered with retailers like GNC and Health Mart Pharmacies and UPS’s Access Point program partners with CVS, Michaels and Advance Auto Parts to provide package pickup at tens of thousands of retail locations across the country. See the Amazon and UPS links below to find a safe, convenient package pickup location:

Amazon Pickup Locations

UPS Access Point® Locations

4.Use Amazon Hub Locker 

Amazon also offers customers the choice to ship your package to a secure Amazon Locker for pickup, thousands of these package lockers have been installed across the country. The attached Amazon link will help you find a convenient location near you:  Amazon Hub Locker

5.Sign up for alerts 

When you place an order, sign up for alerts and know when your package arrives and ask a neighbor or friend to pick it up for you.

6.Pick up packages in person 

Fed-ex, UPS, Amazon and DHL offer the option of pickup at their shipping facilities.

7.Utilize smart technology

Ring or Google Nest smart video doorbells can aid police in arresting package thieves. Other smart technology like Amazon Key allow delivery drivers to place a package inside your home, garage or even vehicle trunks, providing you have installed smart locks that are compatible with Amazon Key.