Sioux County Sheriff

Weapon Permits now issued online through new system

The Sioux County Sheriff’s Office hopes to improve the concealed weapon pistol permit process by allowing residents to now fill out an application online.

You can now apply online for a concealed weapon permit and also a permit to acquire a pistol or revolver through the Sheriff’s Office website: Application for Iowa Permit to Carry Weapons

A link to the new secure online application system will appear, allowing applicants to create an account and submit information for a background check. The website offers a debit or credit card payment option with a service fee.

Residents will receive a notification by email, text message and/or automated phone call if you so choose when your permit is received and then again when your permit has been processed. Once the permit application is accepted, it will be uploaded, processed and if approved, mailed to you from the State of Iowa within 7-10 business days.

Applicants who wish to renew an existing pistol permit must create an online account with the new system. Please visit the Frequently Asked Questions tab on our website.

Sheriff Dan Altena said, “We want to streamline the permit process as much as possible and make it more convenient for our citizens. With the new system, permits can be applied for anytime, day or night, weekends or holidays at the comfort of your home or at your business by going online. Our goal is to help us to enhance convenience and better serve our public.”