Sioux County Sheriff

Message from our SRO regarding recent issues with drivers who have a minor school permit

Dear Parents,

It has come to my attention through several parents, educators, and other concerned persons that there are several students in Sioux County who are not abiding by the guidelines of what the law permits in regards to having a minor school license (school permit).  Reports of violations include driving off of their most direct and accessible route by going to a gas station or restaurant, driving to a friend’s house and driving to functions not school related.

This letter is designed to be proactive and serve as an encouragement to please have a conversation with your child if they have a school permit about what is allowed, what is not allowed and what their route is. It does not only take a citation from law enforcement for a student to lose their school permit; a law enforcement officer or school administrator can simply make a request to the Iowa DOT to have the permit suspended if they know violations are taking place. Having a school permit is a privilege approved by the school administration; not a right or a free pass to drive anywhere they want.

Please use the following link to learn more about school permits and driver’s license for students under 18 years of age:

Iowa law on minor school driver’s license (permit)

Thank you!

Waylon Pollema
Sioux County Sheriff’s Office
School Resource Officer (SRO)