Sioux County Sheriff

High School Law classes tour Sheriff’s Office

Recently, the Unity Christian High School Law Class toured the Sioux County Sheriff’s Office.

School Resource Officer (SRO) Deputy Waylon Pollema facilitated the tours for the classes taught by Mr. Jon Holwerda.

The students were able to see the general working areas of the sheriff’s office, the jail and communications center. They were also able to watch a K9 demonstration with Sonny and his handler, Deputy Justin De Bruin.

Pollema said, “Each year, the students really enjoy this portion of their law class. They get to see close-up how a law enforcement agency works and have the opportunity to ask questions
in each of the areas they tour.”

Click here for video: Sonny demonstrating apprehension with commands

Click here for video: Sonny demonstrating obedience and apprehension with commands