911 Presentations

There are classes that are able to tour the Sioux County Communications Center and meet our dispatchers. These tours are facilitated through our School Resource Officer Program and School Resource Officer (SRO) Deputy Waylon Pollema.

Through these tours, students are able learn about 911, what happens when it is called and when to call 911. Deputy Pollema has been teaching the students at the schools he is present at the importance of how to call 911 with landline phones, cell phones, what information they should know and be prepared to give to the dispatcher.

After touring the Sioux County Communications Center, students are given the opportunity to go to a training room and practice making a mock 911 to the dispatcher. The scenario the students are given is that a suspicious person was outside of their house. Using the information they have been learning, students are able to accurately describe why 911 was called and relay the necessary information to the dispatcher while describing the suspicious person.

The kids do a great job and this is an excellent learning experience for them.