To serve & Protect


As a law enforcement agency, called to serve the public, we continue to work on building trust with the people we serve.

We are committed to our Mission Statement:

"The Sioux County Sheriff’s Office is committed to maintaining the public’s trust, providing protection, and professional leadership, by utilizing our skills and resources with integrity."

Sioux County is located in northwest Iowa with a population of 36,020 (2022). The Sheriff's Office patrols the 769 square miles of the county and is the chief law enforcement agency for the cities of Hull, Boyden, Matlock, Hospers, Granville, Maurice and Chatsworth; the non-incorporated villages of Middleburg, Newkirk, Carmel, Lebanon and all other unincorporated areas of Sioux County.

The Sioux County Communications Center provides 24 hour dispatching of Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS Services within Sioux County and handles an average of 17,000 calls for service a year. A monthly breakdown of those calls is published on our News & Records page and then clicking on Statistics

The people who work at the Sioux County Sheriff's Office are your friends, neighbors, and relatives - we are a part of your community. With your support; we pledge to provide you with the highest quality public safety service, made possible through relationships, training and professionalism, 24 hours a day-each year.

"I grew up in Sioux County. It is a great place to raise a family, live and work. It is my privilege to serve you as Sheriff of Sioux County and lead an amazing team of professionals who serve our community with honor and a duty every day. By working together we can keep Sioux County a safe place to call home. We will continue to be relentless against criminal activity, compassionate to victims, responsive to citizens and will partner with our community to keep our county safe. My team and I remain focused on providing the highest level of service to the residents and visitors of Sioux County"
      ~Sheriff Jamie Van Voorst
   17th Sioux County Sheriff     




Latest news & Announcements

Tips for Keeping Your Home Safe and Secure While You’re on Vacation this summer

July 9, 2024

Going on vacation is a wonderful way to relax and recharge, but it’s important to make sure that your home is safe and secure while you’re away. Whether you’re gone for a weekend getaway or an extended trip, taking a few precautions can give you peace of mind and help prevent any unwelcome surprises upon … Read more

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Happy Independence Day from the Sioux County Sheriff’s Office

July 4, 2024

While most people are firing up their grills and icing down their cold drinks, about a million of us badge-wearing, oath takers are putting on our vests, duty firearms, heading out the door for our shifts and turning the key on a patrol vehicle. So are many EMS workers, firemen/women, and emergency workers. Take the … Read more

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Three ways to apply for FEMA assistance

June 29, 2024

These are the three ways to apply for FEMA assistance:

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List of Sioux County flooded road closures

June 24, 2024

Here’s our link to active Sioux County road closure due to flooded areas and compromised roads:

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Special Traffic Enforcement Projects (STEP) coming to Sioux County roads

April 13, 2024

Sioux County, we are announcing something new we will are launching in an effort to make our roads safer. Generally, each week, deputies will be focusing on a STEP (Special Traffic Enforcement Project) on various county roads and in the cities we are contracted to provide law enforcement services in. We will announce the STEP … Read more

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*Scam Alert-Special attention: elderly Sioux County residents*

April 10, 2024

Because we know that our dear older folks are not on social media as often, and are generally very trusting, we hope that you will read this and talk to your parents to hopefully educate them. We have had several more Sioux County senior citizens fall victim of “the grandchild scam.” This is the scam … Read more

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